Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to buy a document or certificate?

From the moment you complete your details with elements of your identity to obtain the document or certificate, you must wait 5 to 6 working days for your document to be delivered to you.

Can I renew my document or certificate with you?

Yes of course! Once your document expires, you can contact us for renewal by sending the old document so we can receive information on how your new document will be processed. Even if we create your document and you want to renew it, you can still contact the authorities as your details are already registered in the system.

Can I use your document or certificate legally?

Yes of course! The document or certificate we issue are the same as those from the authorities. We use the same quality of materials used by the authorities and register all customer information in the alleged database system and the government recognizes the document. That is why all our documents are original and legally approved by the government. You should therefore use them as legal documents without restrictions.

How can I be sure that I am getting a real document or certificate and not a fake?

When we send your document to you, we also pack a confirmation disc, phone code and database link that you use to verify the authenticity of your document. The verification disk allows you to view your fully recorded information in the supposed database system. If you see your information in the system, your document is a real document.

Why do I need to take a Theory Test?

Anyone who wants to start driving a vehicle or a motorcycle in the UK legally is obliged to take a Theory Test first. You will not be allowed to take Practical Driving Test until you have passed the Theory Test.

The Theory Test will also have to be taken in case you decided to get a license for a new category vehicle. So, if you hold a car license you will have to pass a Theory Test if you want to get a motorcycle license.

When can I legally start driving in the UK?

The legal driving age in the UK is 17, so long you have a provisional license and there is a licensed driver aged at least 21 in the car with you. You will need a full driving license to drive alone legally.

I passed. How long is the Theory Test certificate valid for?

The certificate or letter you receive after you have passed will be valid for 2 years. So you have 2 years to practice and pass your Practical test.

What do I do in case my certificate is lost?

In case you lose the Theory Test certificate, please contact DVSA immediately. Unfortunately, you cannot get a replacement certificate, but DVSA will send you a letter with your certificate number.