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Get your Blue CSCS Card from us without you sitting for exams or test.

Blue cscs card As you may have seen from our “CSCS Card Types” article or the “How to Get a Green CSCS Card” article, you don’t need to have a CSCS card to work on-site at all. This is because CSCS is not a legal requirement. However, CSCS cards are mandatory on most construction sites. This is because holding a CSCS card is a way for employers to ensure that construction workers are competent in health and safety.

Firstly Health and Safety being so key in construction, is a major selling point for an employer who is hiring a new employee. With CSCS accreditation, the employer can be sure that you are able to conduct yourself properly on a construction site with many dangers.

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Why get a Blue CSCS Card over a Green C?

Secondly, You may be wondering why you need a Blue Skilled Worker card rather than a Green CSCS Card. The Blue CSCS certifies that you are competent and able to work safely like the green . However, it also certifies that you are competent in the trade that you work in.

What trades can you get a card for?

There are many trades that you may find you need this card for. If you are operating in a role that is trade-specific, the chances are that you will need a card. Below you will a few of the roles that you can get a card for:

Thirdly, You can find a full list of trades on the CSCS website when applying for your card. The chances are, if you have a specific job role on site, there is an NVQ and Blue Skilled Worker Card to match it.

What qualifications do you need?

Furthermore get any card within the CSCS card scheme, you will need to meet some requirements which vary between cards. The Skilled Worker Card is attained with a trade-specific Level 2 NVQ and a Health, Safety and Environment test for operatives. Moreover By sending these qualifications off to CSCS, you will be eligible to receive your Skilled Worker card. If you don’t have a Level 2 NVQ, you can use your Level 2 Apprenticeship to apply if it is eligible with CSCS.

So which Level 2 NVQs are eligible?

Nevertheless The list isn’t shown on the CSCS website as there are hundreds of different qualifications that you can use.

The NVQs that SB Skills can offer to allow you to get your Blue Skilled Worker Card are:

And many more.

The best part about achieving your NVQ is that it never expires. This means that you won’t need to renew your NVQ with a refresher course at any point.

How much does this all cost?

There is no industry standard of pricing as it all depends on the NVQ you undertake and the company you choose. To find out about the price of NVQs with SB Skills, reach us on  WhatsApp: 07459291549

For instance, The Health, Safety and Environment test for operatives will cost you £21 through Pearson Vue and the card application is £36.

How do you renew the Blue CSCS Card?

To conclude Renewing is fairly straight forward. As we mentioned before, NVQs are for life and never expire, this makes renewing very simple.

To renew your card, all you will need is the Health, Safety and Environment test for Operatives and a copy of your NVQ.


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