Italian Driver’s License



Buy Italian Driver’s License online:

Buy Italian Driver’s License online:

Like in America, you’ll have to complete a certain amount of hours of driving practice with an instructor. Though the minimum is six, many young Italians will be asked to do more before taking the exam. I only completed four since they knew I had been driving since I was 16, and though I was thankful for the saved time, I found that the practice wasn’t all a waste. There are certain driving rules that my instructor shared with me that came in handy for the final exam, such as how to handle roundabouts correctly, what gear to use during what speed limit and how instructors feel about passing cars that are double parked. Plus, I gained some tips about parallel parking on both the right and the left that have proved indispensable in parking-limited Italy! Buy Italian Driver License online

All your studying is for this. Though you likely already know how to drive, taking an exam with purposefully backwards questions in another language isn’t exactly a breeze. Study to learn the vocabulary, to know the different parts of a car in Italian and to be able to finish the exam once and for all. Oh, and remember to bring your ID! Buy Italian Driver License online

And the day has come: You now can take your final driving exam! Show up with money, your ID and patience and you’ll eventually get behind the wheel with one, if not two, instructors. Mine completely ignored my driving, regularly put his hand on my shoulder, and talked about America the whole time.


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