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The Security Industry Authority (SIA) was created in 2001, and is the organization responsible for ensuring there are high standards in private security across the UK. If you work in security, you must have an SIA license. Some common jobs in the security industry include: Buy SIA License online

It’s a legal requirement to have an SIA license if you work in any of these fields. It means that you’re properly trained and have the right qualifications to do your job. Buy SIA License online

Requirements for an SIA license

The requirements for an SIA license are that you:

How to get an SIA Door Supervisor License

Here at Lowland Training, we offer training for those looking to get their SIA Door Supervisor license.

Before you apply for your license, you need to have a qualification in door supervision, which involves taking 4 training modules and passing 3 exams. You must study the following modules: Buy SIA License online


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