CCDO Demolition And Refurbishment Operative (3 Year Card)




CCDO Demolition And Refurbishment Operative (3 Year Card)

CCDO Demolition And Refurbishment Operative (RED Card) Firstly individuals will be qualified to demolish non-load-bearing structures. Remove fixtures and fittings, and use mechanical hand tools. Furthermore to convert their Red card to a fully qualified Blue Demolition Refurbishment Operative card, holders must complete NVQ Level 2 within the 3-year time frame. This card qualifies individuals in the demolition of non-load-bearing structures, the removal of fixtures and , and the use of mechanical hand tools. Nevertheless convert their Red card to a fully qualified Blue Demolition Reffittingsurbishment Operative card, they must pass NVQ Level 2 within the 3-year time frame.

About the CCDO Demolition And Refurbishment Operative (RED Card)

Secondly, CCDO card, or Certificate of Competence for Demolition Operatives, is a CSCS Affiliate card developed for construction professionals in the Demolition industry. The card is the demolition worker’s version of the CSCS card, and it has the same benefits and is just as important in the construction business.

Moreover CCDO card scheme evaluates a demolition worker’s competency by identifying the abilities they’ve acquired through a mix of training, knowledge, and on-the-job experience.

As with all CSCS cards and Affiliate card schemes, candidates will be required to sit the CSCS Health and Safety Test. A CCDO card applicant is most likely to take the National Demolition Training Group CSCS Test.

Red Demolition & Refurbishment Operative


Candidates must have a Demolition Laborer Card and two years of experience in the demolition industry.
The Demolition & Refurbishment Operative Course must be passed by all candidates.
Candidates must have a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate from a recognized training program (NDTG, UKATA, ARCA, or ACAD).
You must have passed the Demolition Specialist or Higher CITB health, safety, and environment test within the last two years.


This course qualifies individuals in demolishing non-load-bearing structures and removing fixtures and fittings, assuming that the operative has the necessary tools/skills training and equipment. Mechanical hand tools will be available to the Demolition Refurbishment Operative.

Therefore Refurbishment of Demolition Additional training in Working At Height or Safe Oxygen/Fuel Cutting is available for operators. However, they can be used as supplemental training.

For instance CCDO Demolition & Refurbishment Red Card is valid for three years at first to give you time to put what you’ve learned into practice. In addition they must finish the NVQ Level 2 in Demolition Operations over these three years.




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