CCDO Demolition Chargehand card



CCDO Demolition Chargehand (3 Year Card)


The CCDO Demolition Chargehand card , firstly teaches individuals the skills required to function as a team leader on demolition sites. Holders will already have 5 years demolition experience and will learn to supervise less experienced operatives and perform additional duties such as preparation and delivery of site inductions. The red card is valid for 3 years and is non-renewable. Red cardholders must complete NVQ Level 3 within the 3-year timeframe to convert the card to a fully qualified Silver Chargehand card.Buy CCDO Demolition Chargehand card.


CCDO Demolition Chargehand card (3 Year Card)

CCDO Demolition Chargehand (5 Year Card)


Secondly For “working supervisors” leading a team of CCDO Topman, CCDO Demolition Refurbishment Operatives and CCDO Labourers to perform specific demolition or dismantling tasks, reporting to a CCDO Demolition Site Supervisor. Moreover experienced Topmen who upon achieving the Chargehand course are required to achieve an NVQ Level 3 in Supervision. The individual holding this qualification should either have previously held or currently holds a full 5-year CCDO Topman qualification. The Silver card is valid for 5-years and is renewable.


CCDO Demolition Chargehand card (5 Year Card)

What is a CCDO card?

What is a CCDO card? CCDO card was setup by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme to reduce the number of accidents in the demolition field in conjunction with NDGT – National Demolition Training Group. CCDO are affiliated to CSCS, to ensure health and safety is present on-site.

How much does a green CSCS card cost?

CSCS cards cost £36 and the separate CITB Health, safety and environment test costs £22. There are organisations that offer card application services.

Where can I take the CCDO Demolition Chargehand card?

You can complete the 1 day CCDO Demolition Labourer course with Level 1 test at NDTG venues nationwide. Find out more about the course: Green card valid for 5 years. This card is renewable, however, most labourers progress onto the Demolition & Refurbishment Operative card before renewal For card renewal, contact NDTG on whatsapp +447459291549

What does CCDO stand for in Canadian census?

Them a jority of demolition sites will now require you to hold a card known as a Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives ( CCDO ).

Which is better a CCDO card or CSCS card?

The advantage of having a CCDO card as opposed to a standard CSCS card. For instance the range of CCDO cards is specific to the type of work. Categories include the usual Operative, Labourer and Supervisor but also the more specialised Mattockman, Topman and Reclamation and Salvage Operative. Why do I need a CCDO Card?

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