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Apply for Gas Safe Registration without sitting for test or exam

Gas safe register, Firstly get our gas safe register card from us at a very affordable price. Gas safe register check, all our cards we do authentic and check on card checker website of its authenticity. We do all your test and exams for you and get your card, all we need is necessary information’s for your card.
Anyone working on gas in the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey is legally required to be registered with Gas Safe Register.

Moreover you can apply for registration easily online. The cost of a new application is £354 plus VAT. This includes one engineer and registration fees for one year.


Gas safe registered engineer near me Apply online

Secondly In order to apply online you will need the following information handy…

  • Your business contact details – company name, address, telephone number and trading title of the business (if different from company name)
  • National Insurance numbers for any engineers you want to register with the business
  • Method of payment

By registering online please be aware all future communications will be sent to you via email. It is important you let us know if your email address changes.


Gas safe register certificateApply Online


Please note: If you are a gas engineer from a European Union Member State and you intend to undertake gas work in Great Britain or the Isle of Man on either a permanent or temporary/occasional basis you will need to apply for registration with Gas Safe Register. Nevertheless More information can be found on our EU applicant page.

Understand the Gas Safe ID Card

Keep yourself gas safe by knowing what to look for on the gas safe engineer

All Gas Safe registered engineers will carry their Gas Safe ID card when they’re carrying out work. The ID contains important information about the engineer, who they are, their license number, the business they work for, and the work they are qualified to carry out.

When an engineer comes to your property, they may show you the Gas Safe ID card or simply have it on display. However, if that’s not the case don’t be afraid to ask to see it as the engineer should be happy for you to check it.


Gas Safe ID card

The Gas Safe ID card has information on both the front and back so it’s important to check both sides. Here’s what the card contains on the front:

  • The engineer’s photo: This allows you to confirm that the engineer at your property is the person the card relates to.
  • The start and expiry date: Gas Safe engineers have to renew their license every 12 months. It’s important to check that they have a current license. If the date has expired you should contact Gas Safe Register.
  • The licence number: Each registered engineer has their own unique license number; this is at the top of the card and embossed across the middle as well.
  • Gas Safe security hologram: Official Gas Safe ID cards have a hologram with the Gas Safe logo on it.

If they cannot show you a valid Gas Safe ID card then do not allow them to carry out work at your property and be sure to contact Gas Safe Register to inform us.

Is my engineer Gas Safe?

Even if all the details on the front of the card are correct. You should still read the back of the card. Not all Gas Safe engineers can work with all types of gas appliances or carry out all types of gas work.

On the back of the Gas Safe ID card will be a full list of qualifications that the engineer holds.

You should check that the engineer has the relevant qualification to carry out the work required. For example if they have come to service your boiler it should list ‘Gas Boiler’. Also check that the qualification has not expired.

If you follow our gas engineer ID card checks. You’ll know that the engineer working in your property is fully qualified. If they don’t have a valid Gas Safe ID card or refuse to show you one. Furthermore do not allow them to carry out the work.


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