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Here, we take out time in processing real Singaporean Driver’s License. The Driver’s Licenses are save in the systems. Moreover, they will have their information showing in any system. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with our partners at the Traffic Police Test Centers who are out to make sure all your information are save in the systems and if your Driver’s License is checked, all information will pop up in the system. The real Driver’s License can be renewed any time either online or at any Traffic Police Centre in the country should it expire. We do deliver this Driver License to the addresses of our buyers.

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Before using our Service,

  • you must first ensure that you have taken a digital photograph of yourself as this digital photograph will be used to print on your photo card driving license.
  • We will need your Foreign driver’s license if you have any.
  • A travel passport
  • Entry permit

Once you have applied and made successful payment for your QDL online, your photo card driving licence will be mailed to you via registered post within 7 working days. Buy Original Singapore driving license

Buy Singapore driving license as Citizens or Permanent Residents

Those who had lost their existing valid Singapore driving license or their existing valid Singapore driving license are required to apply online for a replacement of your driving license because the application of replacement of QDL needs to be made online. You will need to return your original Singapore driving license to Traffic Police within 7 days upon discovery of your lost original driving license

We process real Singaporean Driver’s license. The difference between the real and fake Driver License is explained below. Where can i Buy Singapore driving license online, Buy a registered Singapore driving license online with bitcoin, Real Singapore drivers license for sale, get a Singaporean drivers license, Purchase Singaporean drivers license.

A driver license (or driving license) is required in Singapore before a person is allowed to drive a motor vehicle of any description on a road in the country. Like many other countries in the world, an individual must possess a valid driving license before being permitted to drive on the road, and driving license holders are subject to all traffic rules. The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle and getting a Qualified Driving License (QDL) in Singapore is 18 years old. The driving license is for the normal lifespan of a person. For those who accumulated 13 demerit points and above within one year probation, the license will be revoked.

Qualified Driving License (QDL) – full license. On passing the Practical Driving Test, a driving license will be issued. The license holder will undergo a 1-year probation period, in which he is required to display the probationary license plate, a triangular plate, at the top right portion of the front windscreen and the rear windscreen, as seen from the outside of the vehicle. If the license holder accumulates more than 12 demerit points within the probationary year, the license will be revoked. Failure to display Probationary License plates may also cause the offending driver to receive a fine for the first time, then an immediate revocation for the subsequent time.

However, if the driver has a license of Class 3A that has had lasted a year or more and he recently passed his Class 3 (Manual) License for less than a year, they will need to only place the Probationary License Plate when he drives or operate a Class 3 (Manual) Vehicle. Buy Original Singapore driving license

Vocational Driving License (VDL) – a special driving license for commercial vehicle drivers of taxi and bus. There are three types of VDL. Bus Driver Vocational License (BDVL) , Private Hire Car Driver Vocational License (PDVL) and Taxi Driver Vocational License (TDVL). To apply for the bus driver vocational license, the applicant must have a Class 3 Singapore driving license with at least one year’s driving experience and a clean driving record. To apply for the taxi driver vocational license, the applicant must be a Singapore Citizen of at least 30 years of age and have a qualified Class 3 Singapore driving license with at least one year’s driving experience and a clean driving record. To apply for the private hire car driver vocational license, the applicant must have a qualified Class 3 Singapore driving license with at least two years’ driving experience and a clean driving record.

Driving Schools – There are three driving schools in Singapore. Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC) is in Woodlands, Comfort DelGro Driving Centre (CDC) is in Ubi and Bukit Bartok Driving Centre (BBDC) is in Bukit Bartok. These three driving schools are the places to register for Basic Theory Test, Riding Theory Test, Final Theory Test and Practical Driving Test.

Private Instructors – Private instructors are those who may be registered as self-employed instructors or registered under a private driving institution company. Typically private instructors would use personal or company cars for instruction. Only class 3 or 3A can be learned through private instructors. All other classes can only be done at the three driving schools in Singapore.

Foreigners holding foreign driving license and intend to remain in Singapore for less than twelve months are not required to convert their foreign driving license to a Singapore driving license. They may drive in Singapore with a valid foreign driving license. However, if the lenience is not in English, in addition to a valid foreign driving license, they are required to have an International Driving Permit/IDP. If an IDP is not available, an official translation of the driving license in English is required. Foreigners from ASEAN member countries only need to possess a valid driving license to drive in Singapore without an IDP.

Real Singapore drivers license

Buy Original Singapore driving license online
Buy Original Singapore driving license online

To convert to a Singapore driving license, the foreigner is required to pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) for familiarization of traffic rules and Singapore’s Highway Code pertaining to traffic related issues specific to Singapore. A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) who wishes to drive in Singapore is required to convert his foreign driving license after becoming a PR. A motor vehicle, also known as motorized vehicle or automotive vehicle, is a self-propelled vehicle, commonly wheeled, that does not operate on rails (such as trains or trams) and is used for the transportation of people or cargo. Buy Original Singapore driving license

The vehicle propulsion is provided by an engine or motor, usually an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, or some combination of the two, such as hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. For legal purpose, motor vehicles are often identified within a number of vehicle classes including cars, buses, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, light trucks and regular trucks. These classifications vary according to the legal codes of each country. ISO 3833:1977 is the standard for road vehicle types, terms and definitions. Generally, to avoid requiring people with disabilities from having to possess an operator’s license to use one, or requiring tags and insurance, powered wheelchairs will be specifically excluded by law from being considered motor vehicles.


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